Sinister (2012)

Summer is coming to a close and Fall is just around the corner. This means it is time for me to watch as many Horror movies as I can before Halloween. This is may favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Every year I watch the same movies in preparation for Halloween. These are usually Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, Halloween (original and Rob Zombie remake), and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I also try to catch up on recent movies I haven't seen.

My wife used to be a big fan of horror movies before our son was born. Then her mom gene kicked in and she just doesn't enjoy them as much. Since going to the theaters is so expensive I can't justify it for just myself to see these Horror movies. Still, she does get in the mood to watch one every now and then and our library has a great movie section. So we watched this a few days ago and I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped. The trailer looked amazing, and this is one of those movies that relies on what you don't see to be scary. It has violence and blood in it, but not in excess or over the top just because it can be. 

When we first saw the trailer this was a movie that right away intrigued us. The idea of a demon living in pictures was a really creepy thought. I mean, how closely do we look at the photos we take. It could be very likely that if we looked close enough we might just see something we can't explain. Very creepy thought. Well after seeing the movie I would have to say that the scariest parts are in the trailer.

The movie is about a True Crime novelist who moves into the house of a family that killed themselves. Every member of the family hung themselves except their youngest daughter. She has been missing since this occurred. Ellison Oswalt moves his family into the house this happened at so he could try to uncover the truth about this event. While unpacking he comes across a box of home movies in the attic. The movies are of multiple families in different cities who have been murdered in horrible ways. While looking into these movies things begin to happen around the house. His kids are beginning to draw pictures of the deaths and the home movies are beginning to play on their own.

This wasn't a bad movie but I was expecting something much scarier. I felt like the hype for this movie was better than the actual movie itself. I also found myself not really caring about the characters. In a story like this you want to feel for them and try to put yourself in their situation. I couldn't do it, I just kept thinking "Should have left it alone." I think that once he saw the Demon in the pictures it was to late but I wouldn't have continued my search after the weird stuff started. I really felt he brought the whole thing on himself and no amount of eye rolling on my part could stop him.

I also want to point out that this review will be included in the R.I.P. Challenge put on by Stainless Steel Droppings. This will be for the Peril on the Screen part of the challenge, and can be found in the review section.



  1. I am not one for scary movies... I mean.. just look at the picture on the poster for this movie. SCARY. But scary books I just love!!

    1. I love horror movies but not necessarily the nightmares that I may or may not get after. I was expecting this to be much better than it was but a lot of people loved it.

      I do love scary books even more because my imagination is so much more dangerous. IT made me see somethings at night when I was reading it. Loved that book, King is amazing as you know.

  2. I love scary movies - I love scary books too to be honest! I do have some pretty bad dreams occasionally but I have a good imagination and I feed it with my reading and films! I've actually had a couple of dreams that were really creepy and would have been great inspiration for books!
    Lynn :D

    1. You should write those ideas down. I have had a few that I have written down and one day I hope to write those books. That's the dream at least. I'd love to be an author.

      This is the best time of year for scary movies I think. I will be watching more and more as the weeks count down to Halloween. I will even be dusting off some old favorites for a revisit.

      Thanks for commenting. I like the discussion.

  3. I love scary books, but I think watching a movie Luke this would give me too many nightmares. It's much harder to watch with a kid in the house too.

    1. I completely understand what you mean by watching movies like this with a kid in the house. My wife and I have to wait till we know our 3 year old is asleep before we watch these kind of movies. It makes for some late nights.


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