Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon by Leah Moore

I’m not sure what all to say except that I am really disappointed. I was fortunate enough to find this on Netgalley as an advanced reader edition. I loved the first book in the Sherlock Holmes graphic novels, so I figured this would be awesome to read. I was a bit wrong.

The story wasn’t that great. Not that the writing was terrible, but the plot was dull, and there was a lot of awkward feeling dialog. I realize that certain characters had a cockney accent, and it is really hard to write how the words sound when spoken, but at times the whole sentence just felt like it should have been something else. There was so much potential in this story line that was never met.

Sherlock Holmes just wasn’t the character I know him to be in this book. Now I do tend to get extra picky when it comes to Holmes being written by anyone who isn’t Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but if I want new Holmes stories I have to play nice and go in with an open mind. Holmes just felt flat in this book, and his amazing deductions just seemed missing. I would think that it would be hard to write a Sherlock Holmes story in comic form. You have pictures to tell the story, and that story needs to fit in a smaller medium. Volume one was just so much better.

The last thing I will say made it hard to like this book. The artwork was terrible. There were so many pages that had characters without faces. Not that they were in shadow and hidden, they just didn’t have faces. Now to be fair I have an advanced e-reader copy, and it might not have downloaded properly, but I was not impressed. For me the story can beamazing  and horrible artwork can ruin a book for me. In this case the story wasn’t that great, and the artwork was terrible. I’m not going to say I hated this book, because it could have been worse. I’m going to have to give this 2 out of 5 stars.


  1. What a shame! ACD is a tough act to follow, but some people have done it quite well. Maybe he just doesn't translate into comic form, and maybe he shouldn't.

    1. I have read some pretty good Sherlock Holmes graphic novels in the past. I even liked Vol 1 by this writer, but this book was just disappointing.

  2. How unfortunate. Sherlock Holmes is so iconic, you have to be extra careful however you adapt him. People will know if it doesn't gel.

    1. I agree, it is very tricky to write with characters created and established by someone else. I'm hopeful that the next volume is better. It wasn't enough to put me off the comics.


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