Locke and Key Vol 5: Clockworks by Joe Hill

This is the book I have been waiting for in the Locke and Key series. The first four books were interesting but never really answered any of the questions I had. All the previous books did was introduce new keys and the magic they held. This book finally gives answers.

In this book we get to see what the clockwork key does. This gives anyone who uses it the ability to travel in the past. Finally we get to see how the keys were forged, what the metal that makes them is and why the keys exist. I loved this story mainly because I finally got some answers.
We also get to advance the story of the existing characters. Of course we have been following Dodge through the whole series, and now we get more info on his character. He was friends with Tyler’s father when they were teens. Somehow he is back as a teenager again and trying to find the Omega Key for his own personal gain. There is a little information dropped throughout the four books, but this gives us his origin story.

I don’t want to give away too much because it would spoil a lot of information if I kept going. If this intrigues you then pick up the first book in the series, Locke and Key Vol 1: Welcome to Lovecraft.

One last thing to end this review, I want to point out that Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork seemed better this round. I have not been a huge fan of his artwork in this series, but I was impressed with several of the multi page layouts. My problem is that I have read so many comic books that I feel there are other more talented artists out there. When I compare his work with that of Jim Lee or Alex Ross I just don’t care for his style. Gabriel Rodriguez did step his game I think, and I can’t wait for the final chapter to be released. Here is some examples of the art work found in this book.

This review is being included in the Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge and will be included on the host's site Stainless Steel Droppings. I chose to participate in the Peril in the first. This is the second of four books I chose to read for this challenge.


  1. I love this series soooooooooo sooooo soooo much. I cannot wait for the last volume to come out. It is taking too long!

    1. I loved this book, I didn't care for books 3 and 4 much. This one renewed my excitement in the series. I'm already on the waiting list for book 6 at my library. Can't wait for it to come out.


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