Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

I am not a big fan of Science Fiction, but I'm trying to keep a more open mind. I tend to have a hard time wrapping my head around the fantasy aspect of these books and prefer more facts and realistic writing. In the last few years I have become a more avid reader, and I want to try other things to broaden my taste. When I saw that there is a movie coming out based on this book I became curious. I have watched a few trailers such as this one:

My interest really peaked after seeing these. I had completely forgotten that I put my name on the reserve list at the library for this book when I got the email saying it was in. I had no idea what to think about this but gave it a shot. At first I wasn't a big fan. It started out with a conversation between two military men about a boy, no lead in or history, just a conversation. I actually thought my audio copy downloaded incorrectly.

Then the story starts, and we meet Ender as he is about to get his monitor removed. As the book progresses we learn a little more about the purpose of the monitor, but at first I was so lost as to why it was important for his monitor to be removed and why it was so important to open the book. So if you start frustrated give it time. The beginning does finally give enough info to help you get going. Still, I do wish there was more back story to this book. Ender has some quirks about him that puzzle me, and I wishthere was a little more substance behind these, unless I missed something and that is possible. A re-read might be what I need later down the road.

What I really liked about this was Ender's character, and I always liked following him to see what turmoil he would have to deal with next. The poor kid gets picked on and tormented, as well as moved around as soon as he makes a friend in Battle school. He is being isolated so he can't form attachments. Every situation was for a reason, Ender needed to be trained and tested so he could be put right into battle with the Buggers. Is he the answer to end the war?

From each battle in school, to the challenges he faced as the military elite tested and pushed him, I was hooked. It may have had some slow parts and been a little confusing at first, but I really liked this book. I couldn't wait to see what happened next and how Ender was going to overcome it. I will be getting the next chapter in the Ender saga soon. I really liked how the end of this book set up the next one. It was done very well and allowed this story to wrap up and still leave it open and intriguing.

One little piece before I end this. Orson Scott Card has a section on the end of the audio book that talks about the book and how it came to be. He said the only way we the reader could understand the horrible moral situations and torment was to be in Ender's head. I'm paraphrasing of course, but I think he is absolutely right.  Had this book not been told from Ender's perspective I don't think there would have been the same emotion in the writing. 

After much thought and consideration I want to give this book 4.5 stars. I can't seem to get this book out of my head, but at the same time I don't feel it was as spectacular as others I've given five stars too. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what happens next. I also can't wait to see how they do the movie and I'll hope that they do it justice.


  1. I'm not a science fiction fan either, but I have seen the previews for the movie and it does look intriguing.

    1. I was really impressed with how much I liked this book. A re-read is in my future and I might even read this to Conner (my son) as a bedtime story in a few years.

  2. Love this book. I never got any further in the series.. I really should've. I hope the movie does the book justice. I think this might be a good time for the movie to come out. The technology for it is perfect!

    1. I hope you do move on, I'd love to read your review of the other books. I'm excited to have found another series to read. It also looks like maybe this series has finished so I can read them all back to back.


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