Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

 I have been curious about this book since I fist saw the movie trailer. Finally I got some time to read this book and there was one thing that kept running through my mind the whole time. "My boyfriends back and your gonna be in trouble", the song from the Angels, just kept playing in my head. It took all my strength to A: not laugh out loud constantly as I read, and B: not go completely insane. Does anyone remember that terrible movie from the early 90's where the boyfriend dies in an accident and comes back as a zombie?

Thinking about this movie while reading this book kind of made me want to go out and rent it. Now that I have finished reading Warm Bodies I want to see the movie. I always enjoy comparing the two to see what was changed by Hollywood and if it was a good move. Who knows, I might even do a movie review for Warm Bodies as a post and see what all is different. That might be overkill, two posts about the same book. 

This book was fun to read. It didn't take itself to seriously as a genre Zombie novel, and I liked that. I also really liked that this is told from the point of view of the Zombie. As much as I love zombie movies and books, I haven't read many. None of the books that I have read have ever been from the point of view of the Zombie. It was a lot of fun to see what was running through that decomposing brain of his. I liked to read how R changed. The longer he was with Julie the more human he became. R was able to say actual sentences instead of random word grunts.

The other thing I really liked about this book was the Zombie classes. There were fresh zombies like R and there were Boneys. Boneys are the Zombies that have been around so long there is nothing left but a rotten brain and bones. This book is very much Beauty and the Beast meets Romeo and Juliet meets George Romero.

There were only a few things that bothered me, and they were very minor complaints. After about midway the book slowed down a bit. Not a big deal and it didn't hinder my enjoyment at all but my mind started to wander a bit. While this is going on R shifts between the present events and the memories of Perry, a human he ate prior to meeting Julie. The shifts happen quickly and since both aspects include Julie I had a hard time keeping what was really going on straight. Had my mind not wandered during this low in the story I think I would have been fine. This didn't last long and the ending was really good. I would say this is a strong 4 out of 5 star book.


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