Man of Steel

So I mentioned in, what my blog is about, that I was going to talk about movies. To be honest I don’t get to the theater as much as my wife and I would like. We are more rental people right now just because it is so expensive to go out. So when we do go to see a movie we make sure it is going to be one we both enjoy. Man of Steel was amazing I thought. My wife liked it but she didn’t geek out like I did.

I am a comic book nerd, if you can’t tell by my blog, so I was really looking forward to having the franchise rebooted. After what I considered to be the worst Superman movie ever made by Bryan Singer, I had high hopes for this. At the same time I was a little concerned with another origin story. It seems like every Superman movie has to at least start out with an origin story and I am ready to be passed all that. Zach Snyder handled it very well, and I was impressed.

I loved the opening on Krypton, finally we get more information on the last days of Krypton. From what I have read in the past, I enjoyed seeing Jor- El and Zod interact. Both were somewhat close and even possibly friends before Zod went power hungry. Both men just wanted to save their race, but Zod took it to dangerous extremes.  If you are interested to learn more about the last days of Krypton then the book The Last Days of Krypton by Kevin J Anderson is a must read.

The other thing that I really liked about this movie was Lois Lane. For once she is portrayed as smart and fearless instead of the damsel in distress. She is an investigative reporter and yet a pair of glasses can fool her into not knowing who Superman is. This is not the case in Man of Steel. She wants to know the truth and goes to great lengths to find it. I really liked that.

Of course there are plenty of deviations from the comic Mythos, but they are done in a way I was ok with them. No Earth shattering changes that make me want to leave the theater in a fit of rage.  There are also a lot of clever additions in the background for fans to pick up on. Can you find the Lex Corp tower? How about the fact that the young female solders name if Ferris, possibly Carol Ferris from Green Lantern??? I could go on for pages about all the things I liked about this movie but I will round it out with the Actors. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Henry Cavill as Superman, or Amy Adams as Lois Lane, but once I saw the movie I thought they were perfect. Henry Cavill is a grittier Superman, but still has the humble side nailed. Michael Shannon was amazing as Zod, and I think he did almost as good as Terence Stamp. My only complaint with casting was sadly Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. Don’t get me wrong I think he is a great actor, just not Perry White. Russell Crowe was perfect as Jor- El, as was Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, both really embodied what the characters are all about.

If you haven’t seen this yet it was a great movie. If you are a fan of the comics, I think you will be please with how Zach Snyder, and Christopher Nolan handled it. Definitley worth the rental, I’m already saving my money so I can buy it when it comes out. I might even head to the Dollar show and catch it once more before then.


  1. I really enjoyed this movie too. I was surprised when I went to rotten tomatoes and the critics gave it such bad reviews. Of course the fans on the other hand really liked it. We watched it in IMAX and it was amazing!

    1. We saw it in 3D and it was amazing. I was shocked that the critics didn't care for it but you are right. All the superman fans I know loved it. DC did a great job choosing Zach Snyder for this project.

  2. I love your review. You're right, it's refreshing to actually see Lois Lane being a go-getter. We're always told she is, but take off the cape and put on a pair of glasses and we're expected to believe she can't tell the difference. It was nice to see her character handled well for a change.
    Also, Russell Crowe. WHAT a perfect casting choice. Honestly, if Zach Snyder made a movie just about Jor-El and cast Crowe - I'd go watch it.

    I love how Snyder went all out for this. It was visually stunning to add to all the other things I loved about it. And if he's going to be directing the new Superman-Batman movie, I can't say I'm too concerned. I know he'll do a great job. :)

    1. Synder will be doing the next Superman movie and Christopher Nolan will be on as producer from last I read. I am not sure if he will be writing again, but I hope he does.

      I am concerned about Ben Afleck as Batman, but I tend to feel as you do. It is a Superman movie first, and Zack Snyder is an amazing Director. With him and Christopher Nolan working on the movie with the full support of DC Comics, I am going to try to stay open minded.

      Thanks so much for the comment, nice to know people will read the movie stuff.


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