Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army by Geoff Johns

I’m blown away!!! I really don’t know what to say so I guess I will ramble on about how awesome this book is and hope it makes sense. I was chosen by DC Comics through NetGalley to read this prior to release and review it. What a story. I have been catching up on the reboots from DC and just read the first 2 volumes of Green Lantern Corps. This book collects issues from every Green Lantern title out there and meshes them seamlessly.

Rise of the Third Army stretches through Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, New Guardians, Red Lanterns, and two annual issues. Each section had some great story telling,  and I loved seeing what was going on with each Lantern. I hadn’t seen much of Kyle Rayner in what I have been reading so I had wondered what he was up to. This book filled me in perfectly. Kyle, the fifth of the earth Lanterns, is on a mission to master each color of the emotional spectrum. Trying to master each emotion was a difficult challenge and a great story. I got chills at times because the artwork and writing was just amazing.

So here is the main plot to all of this. The Guardians have lost their minds. After removing all emotion from the Guardian known as Ganthet, they created a race of beings called the third army. These beings absorb and infect any being they come into contact with. The Guardians' goal is to convert all of the Green Lanterns into their third army beings. All of this is going on while John Stewart is on a mission to find all the blown apart pieces of a Green Lantern Planet known as Mogo. Guy Gardner gave up his ring because of getting Lanterns and civilians killed (all part of the guardians plans), and Hal Jordan is missing with Sinestro. The ring that Sinestro and Hal shared finds its way to an accused terrorist known as Simon Baz who is trying to prove his own innocence.

This was an amazing book and when it comes out I would encourage any fans of comics to rush out and get it. The only down side I felt was the New Guardian issues were a little on the slow side when compared to the pace of the rest of the book. Also, don’t expect a resolution in this book because it ends with one of the biggest battles I have seen in a long time and it just began. I am now itching to read more and I hope volume 2 comes out shortly after the release of this. The suspense builds through the whole story and just stops leaving you wanting more at the very end. As frustrating as it was that it just ended, I will wait anxiously for the next installment. A lot of questions are answered and created in this book which helps add to the suspense and make this one of the best graphic novels I have read this year.

The Batman books and Green Lantern books are dominating the DC universe in my opinion. These have the best writing and art out of the others I have read so far and I will recommend either series to everyone who enjoys comics and a great well developed story.


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