Bout of Books 8.0 Goals/Updates

Bout of Books

Well, Bout of Books is almost here so it is time I set some goals for myself. I haven't really been in much of a reading mood lately but I have been finishing graphic novels like crazy. Those short reads are just what I need to continue reading. Since this is my first time taking part in Bout of Books I am going to try to be as realistic as possible.


So for my reading goals I am going to try to listen to an audio book at work everyday, and try to work in some reading of my regular books each day. I may not finish all of the books I have listed here but this is what I am shooting for. I want to try to listen to Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, and I know I wont finish it but I am hoping to start reading Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King. I also plan on reading Green Lantern Vol 3: The End by Geoff Johns.

Books to Read

I will be posting updates as I go. I will try to add them daily but if there isn't anything to report I wont. Check back to this post for my updates. I wont be doing separate posts for each update I will just post them here. 


So I didn't get any reading in today, but I'm ahead of my goals already. I finished Warm Bodies, and Green Lantern Vol 3: The End. Both books were pretty good. I started:

I was also hoping to start Garment of Shadows but it has yet to arrive. I am hopeful it arrives this week. I will also be reading a new Graphic novel once I figure out which one it will be.

Today I actually got quite a bit of reading in. Listened to the first disk of 9 of Storm Front. I also started reading:
Read 30% of this on my Kindle today. So far I am on the third short story and I have only really liked the first. I hope the rest of the short stories get better. Garment of Shadows arrived today so I hope to start that one tomorrow.

Had a busy day so not a lot of reading in. I see others have had a mid week slump and I can't think of a better term for it. I listened to all of disk 2 of Storm Front, and half of Disk 3 today. Other than that no reading. I did participate in the TBR challenge hosted by Musings of a Bookship Girl had a lot of fun thinking about what books I would buy if I could right now. Hopeful to get more reading tomorrow.

Well I was kind of a book bum today. I hardly read at all and the only reason I listened to Storm Front was because I made myself. I listened to another disk. That puts me in the middle of Disk 4, I did have some down time at work and I read another 4% of Sons of Moriarty. For my first blog event I haven't been participating like I had hoped. Maybe things will look up for me on Friday.

I got quite a bit of Storm Front listened to. I ended on disk 7 today and only have 2 and a half disks left till the end of the book. I am hopeful to get this finished by the end of the challenge. Didn't participate in any challenges today I completely forgot about them.

I actually got a good bit of reading in today. I listened to half of disk 7 of Storm Front so getting close to finishing this. Possibly by the end of the challenge. I also read 14% of Sons of Moriarty putting me at the 48% mark. Better short stories than at the beginning but not quite half way there yet. Not a bod read so far.  I also participated in the Bookish Wishes challenge put on by Kelsey's Cluttered Bookshelf. Pretty proud of myself for getting so much read today, even while I was at work. Very slow day.

I almost made it to finishing Storm Front. Fell asleep last night with 10 min left of it. Other than that I didn't read anything else nor did I do any challenges today. 

Wrap Up
So here is the scoop. I had a blast!!! This was my first event as a blogger because I have only been blogging for just over a month. I was told about this by a friend who also blogs and I'm so glad I did this. I can't wait for the next Bout of Books. 

As to my goals I pretty much finished my initial goals when this started. I read Warm Bodies, and Green Lantern Vol 3: The End. Since I finished those at the begining of this event I added Storm Front and Sons of Moriarty to my goals. Almost finished Storm Front but just fell shy. I get sleep when I can because we have a beautiful 3 month old in the house so the reading took a back seat to sleep. 

I didn't start Garment of Shadows becuase of shopping issues and it didn't arrive till after this started. I also got Joyland by Stephen King so I had some decisions to make. I started Joyland today. I had an absolute blast. I wish I would have participated in more challenges but there is always next time. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm really excited about this. I haven't done a blog event yet. I am looking forward to participating.

  2. Yea exciting!! Your first readathon!! Good luck in getting in some extra reading time!

    1. Thanks, with two little ones it is tought to get the time to read as it is. Good luck on your goals as well.

  3. I'm trying to listen to as much as I can at work too! I seem to have a hard time paying attention to the book though. There always seems to be so much going on!

    1. I will admit that there are times I have to go back and listen again. It can be difficult but it really helps pass the time.

  4. Good choices. I have Warm Bodies on my list of books to read at some point and I want to get into Green Lantern but first I will have to figure out the best place to start. Nice job on being ahead of your goals!

    1. Warm Bodies was pretty good it was a fun mindless read. If you don't want to start at Volume 1 of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern New Gurdians, the read Rise of the Third Army. I've got a review on my blog. The book has all the important issues from all the Green Lantern books. That would be a good place to start. Good luck.

  5. I haven't been getting as much reading done as I would have liked either, but I'm still having fun and that's what counts.

    I just got Sons of Moriarty from NetGalley, but haven't started it yet. I was kind of surprised that it's all older, previously collected stories.

    And Batman is a great choice. ;)

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks, I kind of feel better knowing I'm not the only one who hasn't participated as much as planned. I a, having a great time with this and I can't wait till the next one.

      Good luck with Sons of Moriarty, there are a few stories I have really not cared for.


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