Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell by Gary Urey

Since I like to read and I review every thing I can, you will see some kids books from time to time. I really enjoy reading to my kids. My son is three and loves to curl up in the gilder before bed and have us read him a story. My Daughter is only two months old but seems to enjoy the sound of mine and my wife's voice when we read. Since we all enjoy books and reading I am always on the look out for new books to share with my son.

This is a cute story but I guess my son and I were expecting more. I found this on Netgalley and figured it would be a great choice for my son who loves booger jokes. At first it started out fine and my son and I were enjoying our time together reading before bed. There was a lot of bullying in the beginning because poor Andy Whiffler has a giant nose. I can see that the author is trying to point out how horrible bullying can be and try to teach kids early that it is a bad practice. Not a bad message for a kids story.

I remember getting picked on like this in school as well so it brought back some painful memories, none were because I have a giant nose. Just before the halfway point my son started to loose interest. He wanted me to read other books at bedtime instead. I did convince him to keep going and once Andy became Super Schnoz he enjoyed it a little more. There are some cute play on words and references that a grown up will pick up on that helped with a giggle or two.

Not a bad story overall, we did enjoy it. This is good for little boys who love boogers and snot jokes. it has some slow parts but the characters are fun and the story is entertaining. The best part of the book is the fact I got some father son snuggle time in our glider before bed.


  1. Books have certainly changed a lot since I was a kid. I don't ever recall reading one about boogers!

    1. This was the perfect idea for kids that love booger humor. My son enjoyed it for the most part.


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