Green Lantern Corps Vol 2: Alpha War by Peter J. Tomasi

MURDERER!!! Not a word you see associated with a Green lantern, but in this Volume we see John Stewart on trial for his life. Risking everything he had and all of his morals to make sure he protected the Corps and countless innocents. He had to make a hard choice, one that will haunt him forever. This choice landed him in front of the entire Corps, charged by the Alpha Lanterns, and expected to be made an example off. To top this all off the Guardians are up to something and it looks like the end game will be the complete destruction of the Corps. This book was amazing!!! I am firmly hooked on the Green Lantern Corps series.

John Stewart and Guy Gardner take the center stage in this series and Guy is desperately trying to free his fellow Earth Lantern. A guilty verdict for John will mean his death by the hands of the Alpha Lanterns, the internal affairs of the Green Lantern Corps. When reviewing the evidence against John someone has tampered with the ring log and it is not looking good for him.  This book is loaded with amazing action/fighting sequences and the art work is very well done.

The writing was spot on and kept me turning pages as fast as I could. I liked the first Volume in the New 52 reboot of the Green Lantern Corps, but this book was much better. Without giving anything away the Guardians have big plans for the Corps and it isn't necessarily for the best. Seeing these characters have a darker side is very intriguing and I can't wait to see how this story line plays out in future books. This is defiantly just another chapter in a larger story. I will be reading Vol 3 when it comes out as soon as I can.

The other really great thing about this book was that we get a little more history behind Guy Gardner. This Graphic novel collects issue #0 of the Green Lantern Corps which is basically his origin story. I started to follow Green Lantern late in the story so I had no idea how Guy was chosen for the Corps. Maybe this is the first time this has been told, but I can't say since I don't know. It was really interesting to see his family and what started him as a Green Lantern. I couldn't believe how by the book and headstrong he was when he first became a cadet in the Corps. Seeing him earn the mark of a Green Lantern was a story I will always remember. The writing was amazing, the art work just as good. Overall I was very impressed with this volume and I can't wait for more. DC comics has done it again and made me a believer in superheroes all over again. A series that was just something I read when it fit a larger story is now on my must read list. For any fans of Green Lantern I say give this and Volume 1 a try, you will not be sorry. I am still blown away just thinking about it. I already want more.


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