DC Entertainment Essential Graphc Novels and Chronology 2013

I absolutely loved this guide!!! A few years ago I decided to give up my obsession and weekly trip to the comic book store when my son was born. I fell out of touch with the DC universe and I am now trying to find my way back to see what all I have missed. I have been getting my hands on every graphic novel I can so I can catch up because getting individual issue is sometimes impossible and very expensive. There have been times that I have wondered which book comes first and in what order I should read these. Then I found this, I was so excited to find a complete guide I couldn't wait to give it a look and build my very own checklist.

This is an amazing reference tool to the DC universe. This has books broken down by top picks, best of Alan Moore, and Grant Morrison. It also has books broken down by super hero. All of the best Batman and Superman books can be found in there own section with descriptions and chronology. There is even a section for DC for all ages. I really liked this because it is an aspect of comics I didn't think of. I want to start my son out right when he gets old enough and these would be a great starting point for him. These easy to follow sections have helped me pick out what stories I want to read and where to start.

I have also been very curious about other aspects of DC comics such as the Vertigo line. This gives me detailed descriptions of the different series so I can pick one I would like to start and which books I should get. The best part about this whole book, I think, is the chronology table in the back of it. Separated out by Batman, Superman, and other DC heroes, I am able to see where I left DC in the story line and which books I need to catch up. Thank you DC for putting together this reference guide. I am impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the information. It was also fun to see I own and have read most of the top graphic novels listed in this. I would highly agree that those are must reads.

  This is a great book for everyone, not just the avid comic book reader. If you are someone who wants to give comics a try for the first time, or you just want an amazing story line this publication is exactly what you will need. It appears this is a free book possibly given out at comic book stores. I was fortunate enough to get this from a review site so I can't say if this is available in stores. If you are interested in becoming a reader of comics, go to your local store and ask about this book. You will be glad you did.


  1. I saw this on netgalley but didn't get it. I am about to go over there and see if they still have it. I would like to check it out.

    1. It's still available and it is a read now so no need to request it. You will not be disappointed. DC did a great job compiling this.


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