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Well, here I am. I am very quiet and reserved but I want to be a writer. So I figure it is time to get myself out there and let people other than my family read my writing. This is my first time trying anything like this so I am sure there will be bumps along the way. Hopefully one day I will get the hang of this being social thing.

So the personal stuff I am willing to share is that I am a husband to the most amazing woman in the world, and I'm the proud father of a Son and Daughter. Both are still very young, and I try to spend as much time with them as I can. That leaves little time for my reading and writing, but the time I spend with my family is everything to me. One day I will manage a good balance and work towards my dream of being an author.

When it comes to reading I have been a comic book nerd since I was old enough to read, and an avid reader since High school. DC comics was my guide to reading when I learned to read from seeing the 1989 Batman movie a 100 times and reading the graphic novel. I was able to recognize the words based on the quotes from the movie. Batman has been my favorite superhero for as long as I can remember, and as I got older I have added Superman, Green Lantern, and the flash to my list of favorites. I don't collect weekly issues anymore, but I have been trying to get my hands on any graphic novel collection I can, be it library, digital, or buying them when I can. It has brought me back into the DCUniverse, and I missed it.

In high school I began to read more than just comics. I wasn't a big fan of reading and had grown out of the Goosebumps, and Boxcar Children books. So I started reading books based on movies, I read Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park, and others. It wasn't until I came across The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver that I became the reader I am today. This book was better than anything I have ever read, and when I found out Deaver had written other books, I grabbed up everyone I could.

Now I mostly read Mystery, Suspense, and Horror novels, but I do venture out to other things from time to time. I am much more willing to try new things when it comes to my reading and I have found some great stuff. Not really a fan of Science Fiction I decided to try the Dresden Files series and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Now it is one of my favorite series and since I am new to it I have so many more books to read still.

Last thing and I will stop boring you I promise. Since I was a kid I have wanted to be a writer. I loved writing little stories for class in grade school and it has followed me since. When bored in classes I found I would write stories instead of taking notes in lecture. I didn't let this affect my grades because I only did it in classes I didn't find challenging enough. One of these days I will finish one of my big ideas and hopefully get published. I started out writing Mystery stories with a Noir style detective. Now it seems my style is more horror. I seem to have been highly influenced by Stephen King and it has shown in my ideas for stories. So far I have only written one little short prompt for a group I am a co-moderator for on It is the only piece of work I have shared publicly and more than likely will be a post here on my blog later.

The whole point of this blog for me is to share my book reviews, share some writing in hopes of feedback to help me improve, and talk about Movies and Comics. It will also help me get a little more comfortable with this whole social networking thing. Just have to see what happens I guess.


  1. I like this commenting system much better then the Google + one. I think your new followers will like it better too.

    1. I'm so glad you told me how to change it. Thank you so much for all your help getting this blog going.

  2. The first blog post is always the hardest. You did a fine job here. I'm following you by email and am looking forward to more.

  3. This whole thing makes me happy. I'm glad you're finally going to start blogging. It really isn't as scary as you think. :)

    One thing I would suggest is to turn off Captcha, though. A lot of folks won't comment on blogs that have it, because it adds an extra step to the commenting process. Here is a thorough explanation of how to turn it off, if you're interested.

    1. Thanks Merin, I have been thinking about this for a long time. I also really appreciate you letting me know that Captcha was on I had no idea. It is now turned off. Thanks for the site to help me turn it off.


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