Monday, February 29, 2016

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this message.

It has been a little while since I posted a review. I have to be honest. My reading has taken a hit lately. I have been so busy with things, work has been crazy, and my kiddos, and my wife and I have all been sick. Not just winter cold sick but really really sick over the last month. All the normal excuses we have for why we don't do something. Since work has been so busy I haven't been listening to a lot of books. I haven't been able to focus on them so music is just better to help pass the time. 

I am taking a short little break form my blog. Only two weeks maybe three but I need to focus on other things and cut out the little stresses I can do without. Blogging isn't stressful for me, but lately it has felt like a bit of a chore to write a review. I also find my self rushing through a book I am enjoying just so I can have something to post. I hope to get back into my reading groove and at the same time maybe stack up a few posts so I can get ahead of things. Which is why I am taking the break. I will try to keep up with regularly visiting my friend's blogs and I will still respond to any comments left on my blog so don't be a stranger. 

I am currently reading a few different books so here is what I have going that you can look forward to when I return. My current audio book I hope to get back to is Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of my favorite author Jeffery Deaver's new book Steel Kiss I am reading on my Kindle. Finally, I am in the middle of reading Batman and Robin Eternal Vol 1. I have a lot on my plate and a lot on my to be read pile so I hope I get back to my usual reading soon. 

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11)2586199527246000

Hope every one has a great couple of weeks. One last thing to look forward to. My wife and I are going to see Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'm not sure if it will be opening weekend or the following weekend but I will come back to my blog and the review of that movie will be my first new post. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Waking Dark by Robin Wassweman


This is one of those books I found in the library digital catalog under the horror section. The description sounded cool so I figured what the hell. I shouldn't have wasted my time. This book is a combination of Under the Dome, and a version of the Croatoan ghost story. This just felt like it was trying to hard to be something else. 

The book opens up right away with death and destruction. People are blacking out and killing as many people as possible only to take their own life. It was interesting and then we have a character who kills a baby with a pillow and that was almost enough for me to stop reading right there and slam this book all over my blog. Fiction or real life there are just somethings you don't do and smothering a baby in anything but kisses is unforgivable. I kept reading but this one even just left a sour taste in my mouth for the whole book and the eye rolls didn't stop. As soon as things start to settle fron the Killing Day a tornado wipes out more of the residents of Oleander.

Now I listened to this in audio and I have to say that the character breaks were not spaced well at all. The change of perspective was so sudden that it was hard to keep up with who we were following. I felt like I wasted to much time reading this book but still kept going in hopes the ending was interesting enough to make it worth it. I stuck it out all the way through but there were times I almost gave up on this book. There is a reveal in chapter 12 that was one of those "Really?" moments.

SPOILER WARNING*** The big reveal is what caused the first round of murder and suicide was because 5 people were randomly given this experimental drug that makes them kill everyone they see and then kill themselves. They are testing a government killing serum to make the prefect expendable soldier. This pulls the book from being like Under the Dome and now it is more like Resident Evil or Night of the living Dead just with people blacking out and acting like zombies.

RATING*** If you skipped the spoiler here is my take on the book. Don't waste your time. I really have no idea why I kept reading this to be honest. I should have stopped this and moved on. to something better. Since I did hang in there till the end I will give this 1.5 out of 5 stars and round up to 2. Had I stopped reading this book I would have easily given it just 1. It is still a stretch to round up but again it kept me reading even though my eye strain was rough after all the eye rolls. Unless you love this author or really want to torture your self, I would avoid this read and tell you to keep looking for something else. 

Monday, February 22, 2016


It pains me to say this since I am a die hard DC Comic fan but this is the best movie of the year so far. My wife and I had a rare date night this past Saturday and we both couldn't wait to see this movie. We loved it and if we could afford to we would see it again this coming weekend and every weekend until it is released on iTunes since I have already pre-orded it. 

I'm not going to lie to you my faithful readers and those who stumbled upon my blog. I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I have enjoyed all the movies of his I have seen and I am one of the very few who is proud to say I actually liked the Green Lantern Movie. He has the perfect amount of sarcastic humor. This movie is the perfect role for him and the jokes that poke fun at Ryan Reynolds and the hero worship through out of Hugh Jackman just adds to the hilarity. My wife and I laughed through the whole thing. My poor wife had to sit next to a bubble headed woman who clearly had no idea what this movie was about and didn't get any of the references made. At first that little bit was funny on its own but by the end of the movie my wife wanted to slap her. The troubles you get when you go to the movies and don't watch them from the comfort of your couch. 

This movie was every bit of the blockbuster it claimed to be. Tons of Gratuitous language, nudity, and graphic violence mixed with humor and some amazing action sequences. I can't really put into words how much I loved this movie. I don't want to ruin anything for you. I highly recommend everyone see this movie. Our Anti-Hero Wade Wilson is a mercenary for hire and has found a woman who he loves more than anything. Things are going well for our hero until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer in his brain, lung, and prostate. While dealing with the fact he is going to die a man offers him a miracle cure that will give him abilities no other human has. This private institution is experimenting with human and mutations. They subject the individual to the most stress the body can take without dying until they mutate. When Wade finally mutates his skin almost burns but it horribly disfigures him. Wade's mutation is advanced healing and basic immortality. The read suit as Deadpool puts it is so the bad guys don't see him bleed. 

For the rest about this movie see the trailer I have included here at the bottom. I must warn you, it is intense and intended for the proper audience of an R rated movie. This movie is so awesome I will take a page from it and on a scale of 1 to 5 stars i give this movie 16 walls. If you have no idea what I mean then go see this movie. Just know it was awesome and everyone should see this movie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Caught by Harlan Coban


I have really liked the Coben books I have read so far. He has quickly impressed me as an author and I am so glad I have such a large catalog of his novels to catch up on. The summary of this book sounded really interesting to me and I will be honest, the cover caught my eye. It is very plain but something stands out about that red door that made me wonder what is behind that door and is it something dangerous. 

The book starts out with two main characters Dan Mercer and Haley McWaid. Haley has gone missing and Dan is now being charged with sexual assault and Statutory rape. All of this takes place very quickly and then the story jumps forward 3 months. This is where we play catch up.Haley has been missing with no leads as to what happened to her so this story is a bit stagnant but Dan has a lot more going on which helped keep my attention. Dan is the kind of character that you belive is innocent and that the charges are bogus or he is the type of character that with all of the evidence stacking against him you hope is innocent. 

I was kind of disappointed in this book.It was still worth the read but after books like Missing You, and The Stranger it just didn't live up to my expectations. The middle of the book was pretty slow and kind of dull. The ending makes up for it but not in the shocking twist end I had hoped for. I will suggest sticking it out thought the middle of the book if you start this. It is worth finishing and not casting aside. Had I known about the dull middle I might have rated this higher than the 3 out of 5 stars I am giving it. This was just an ok book and I really don't have much more to say on it.   

Monday, February 15, 2016

Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War by Mike Johnson


My nerd alarm went into overdrive when I saw this on NetGalley. I am not as die hard a fan of Star Trek to consider myself a true Trekkie, but I am a huge fan of Green Lantern. When I saw the two of them in one amazing comic book I couldn't tap request fast enough. This story is all about A battle between the different emotional corps and Ganthet uses a set of rings to send all our favorite characters to another universe. So not only do we have a lantern from every emotion in the Star Trek universe but we also have a set of rings just waiting to find new owners. 

Who would you think would get each ring? I was kind of surprised by some of the choices. I kind of figured that a Klingon would end up with a Red ring instead of a yellow, but still it worked for the story. Even though the reason for everyone being sucked into this new universe was a war between the different corps the big threat is Nekron. Now all the lanterns in this Universe have to find a way to pass their differences to work towards ending Nekron.

This was a really interesting twist on these two series. So many times   these comic crossover events just suck. One of the writes doesn't know how to write the other characters or the artist just doesn't understand what each world should look like so they make it their own and it just doesn't work. This worked on every level Just check out these examples that clearly show that Angel Hernandez gets both worlds. I also have to admit that this doesn't really give anything away, but the page on the right made me uber Geek out when Mike Johnson found a way to make the Lantern Oath and the Star Trek mantra mesh as one. These were two of my very favorite pages from the book and I had to include these in my post.

I easily give this 5 out of 5 stars. This was a really fun read and I can't thank Netgalley enough for letting me read this early. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly


I have been a fan of Michael Connelly's for a ling time. I may not have been with him from the very beginning but pretty close to it. Harry Bosch is one of the best detectives I have ever read. Not as good as Sherlock Holmes and Batman but better than Sam Spade and that's saying something. Harry is part of the Opened Unsolved unit and always wondering if they will renew his contract or not. Now he has a new rookie partner and a case that drops into his lap so fresh the autopsy is being done as the book opens. 

Harry has a new partner and when I say she's a rookie what I mean is she is new to the detective role but is a super cop from patrol. The hero of a shoot out she is promoted quickly causing some frustration among the rest of the department. Harry has everything stacked against him. So here is why this case if fresh and open unsolved. A Mariachi band member was a victim of what appeared to be a drive by shooting. Years later the bullet from the shooting is lodged in his spine and it has taken it's tole. Our victim has lost his legs, an arm and has been found to be the cause of his death. Now Harry and his new partner have taken the case from the original detectives and they are starting from scratch on an event that happened years ago.

In Bosch's investigation another old case pops up. This case is what the title refers to, The Burning Room. Bosch and Soto now will divide there efforts between their case with the dead Mariachi and this other one. I would explain more as to what the Burning Room is but I feel like it would spoil the surprise. I will leave this be for you to discover if you choose to read this book as it should be. I will say that I liked both cases and was always anxious to get the next piece in the puzzle.

Al that being said I do have to be honest. As much as I liked the story this book did kind of loose momentum. We get the answers early in the second half the pay off is how Bosch and Soto are going to prove this. It was an interesting twist on the mystery novel but it took away from that suspense that Connelly usually has racing through the ends of his Bosch novels. I can say there there is a small event at the very end of this book that makes me really want to read the next one but I have so many books on my to-read pile before I can get the next one. It is kind of driving me crazy. I liked this book but I am more excited to read the next book in the series than I was to finish this book. It saddens me to give this 3 out of 5 stars because I know Connelly is better than this. I just didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous ones. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Never List by Koethi Zan


READ THIS BOOK!!! If you read nothing more of this blog post let it be those first 3 words. I loved this book and it is killing me to have to hold back what I really want to say about this. I don't want to spoil anything about this book in case you read this book because of my post. This is another book That my favorite author Jeffery Deaver recommended on Goodreads. It has been on my to-read list forever and I finally got around to reading this and I am so glad I did. If you are looking for a great story that will grab you from the very beginning and never let up until the last few pages this is the book for you. 

This book is relentless. The suspense is intense and the subject matter was rough at times. This book made me wish I could protect all women from sleazy creepy guys. Let me explain. Jennifer and Sarah are best friends and they spend all of there time studying and figuring out alll the things that could possibly go wrong in their lives. They know the percent chance of an earthquake affecting them. Tornadoes, car accidents, and even the chance of a sociopath attacking them. When they get to college they create the Never List. This is a list of all the things they should never do like: Never go to the library at night, Never trust a stranger with a flat tire, and other things that they come up with. One night they throw caution to the wind and go to a college party. Sounds completely normal right, at the end of the night they take a cab home and when they get in the air in the cab smelled funny. Knock out gas was pumped through the partition and they were kidnapped. This isn't spoiling anything because you find out in the first chapter or two but the person that kidnapped them was their very own pshycology professor. Are you kidding me?!?! This is someone they would normally trust. He threw them in a cellar with two other girls naked and chained to a wall. They were tortured all for his sick pleasure. 4 went in and only 3 survived to tell the tale. 

Flash forward to years later and Sarah's tormentor is up for parole. She has decided to leaver her protected world and fine whatever she can to make sure he stays in prison for the rest of his life. She will go back to the place where the whole nightmare started as well as wherever the trail takes her. Sarah will do what she can to feel safe again and make up for the death of her friend who didn't make it out of that house. 

This book was amazing and as of right now this is one of my favorite books for the year. Yes I know it is still really early this year but this is the best I have read so far. I really hope that Koethi Zan writes another book. I loved this one and if she writes another as good as this I will have a new regular author to add to my favorites list. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Very impressed with this one. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Star Wars Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn


Star Wars hype is everywhere and I am shocked at how many retailers and products have shelled out big bucks to just have the Star Wars name in their commercials in hope of cashing in on some of this hype. I am slightly guilty of falling for the hype. As of the time I am writting this I still haven't seen the Force Awakens. I really want to and I can't wait to take my son to see this movie. I am a fan of Star Wars but not near as devoted a fan as most. I'm more of a Trekkie but even that is a bit of a stretch for me. 

Anyway, Since the new movie is out I was curious as to what happened to our favorite characters after Return of the Jedi. I googled, I Binged, and Wookieepediad (Apparently that is a thing) to find out what books picked up after the movies ended. This trilogy was sanctioned by Lucasfilms Ltd to continue the saga of Luke, Hann, Leia, Chewbacca, R2, and C3PO. This book picks up 5 years after the end of Return of the Jedi. We have a Grand Admiral who is controlling the Empire I think. Not sure if he is on his own or actually stepping into the Emperor's shoes and pulling the strings.  2 New Jedi are making their way into the world and Luke seems more distracted than normal.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this book for several reasons. When an author takes over someone else's characters it usually isn't a good move. I tend to be over critical and end up not liking the work. I also am not a a fan of the science fiction genre. I read a few Star Trek books when I was a kid and I love the Dresden Files but this is my first Star Wars book. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to continue the trilogy. By the way in case you didn't know this is a trilogy so don't expect a resolution in this book. As a matter of fact the story really built right up to the end and then it sort of abruptly stopped and we are left with ...To Be Continued. That was a little annoying but I was impressed with how much I enjoyed this book.

The book was very well done and the story grabbed my attention very early on. It was also fun to see all of my favorite characters back in a new adventure. I listened to this in audio book form and the guy who read this did an amazing job with the different voices. He really sounded like Harrison Ford and Antony Daniels who plays C3PO. I easily give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Really it is more 4.5 stars. The only thing that kept this from being  5 star rating is that even though I expected there not to be a resolution but the ending could have been handled a little better and not feel like I hit a brick wall. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

My top 5 Movie Props

Have you ever day dreamed about what you would do if you had a million dollars? This is something thousands of people have thought about recently with the Powerball Lottery getting up to 1.4 Billion dollars. I didn't win but that didn't stop me dreaming about what I would do with that kind of money. It was very fitting when I got an email from a guy by the name of Ryan Stills asking if I would mind mentioning his auction site I know I would love to get my blog out there to more people to try and increase my readership so I didn't mind returning the favor. Ryan asked if there were any movie collectibles I really would want to own if I wasn't living paycheck to pay check.

The timing of this email couldn't be better since I was dreaming of winning the lottery and what I would want to spend all that money on. So I thought long and hard about what I would want and it was really hard. There are so many movies I love and trying to figure out what one piece of the movie I would want to put on display in my home was a tough one. 

So let's begin with what I would want. We will go from 5 to 1. 

NO. 5

If I had completely disposable income and no student loans I would love to have the Sword And`uril forged from the shards of Narsil wielded by Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings Return of the King. I want the real one from the movie and not the Noble Collection replica. I want the one that was covered in fake Orc blood and used in those memorable scenes of the movie. 

No. 4

The next piece of movie memorabilia I would really like to have is the Proton Pack and trap from the original Ghostbusters Movie. These two movies were a big part of my childhood and all I wanted to do was grow up to be a Ghostbuster or Batman. As an adult I clearly know that Ghostbusters could never happen so I still want to be Batman when I grow up. 

No. 3

The next item on my wish list would have to be the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies. Long ago when they released the special edition of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 they had a Book of the Dead edition that was latex to feel like flesh and had replicas of the pages in them. I would love the original book used in the movies. I would put it in a glass case for display and to keep people from trying to read from the book. Just in case it would unleash a world of evil. 

No. 2

The one thing I have wanted since I was a little kid was the real Batman suit. I have always dreamed of becoming a billionaire so I could train llike Bruce Wayne did and then fund the construction of a Batcave full of high tech gadgets only to put on the costume and fight crime in the suburbs. Yes in real life we call that borderline crazy, but I call if a fun night. My favorite version of the Batsuit so far is the one from Batman Begins. 

No. 1

The one thing I want if I had a ton of money and could buy anything would be the Batmobile. This is a really tough call to decide which one I would want. I lean towards the tumbler from Batman Begins and the Dark Knight because it is an awesome vehicle and then I would match with my Batsuit. But the one from the Michael Keaton movies, Batman and Batman Returns was really cool looking too. This would be a tough decision and in dream world would require more consideration. I guess I could buy them both and not send my kids to college. 

This was a fun post. I enjoyed pretending to be rich and make my shopping list for the best pieces of my favorite movies. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did putting it together. I'm glad I got the email from Ryan so I could do this post. I don't think I would have thought about this on my own. Hope it helps drive some people to his web site. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Grayson vol 2: We all Die at Dawn by Tom King

I was very lucky to be able to read this book for an honest review thanks to DC Comics and Edelweiss. I have been a huge fan of Dick Grayson since I was a kid and I have loved the Nightwing comics from the very beginning. I was crushed when Dick was outed in Forever Evil and he was then "Killed". When the Grayson series started I was glad to be able to keep up with what Dick Grayson is doing with his new life. 

I have to be honest, I'm really disappointed in this whole series. I get it, this is an espionage series but there is basically no action. I'm so used to the amazing writing and action that was always in the Nightwing books. In this book, in this series Dick seems not himself. I know a character's personality can vary from writer to writer, and they are trying to show that with out the mask and the night Dick can't be happy but this just feel awkward when I read it. 

This story really had a hard time keeping my attention. Dick is trying to stop an organ collector who we have no idea why they want these specific organs. It was a slow read and really didn't pick up all that much. The only reason I keep reading this series is because I am hopeful that some day they will find away to bring Dick Grayson back to what he is supposed to be doing and that is picking his suit back up Nightwing suit and rejoining the Bat-Family. DC keeps advertising their newest Big event called Rebirth. No one knows exactly what this is going to entail but I hope it at least brings back Nightwing. New 52 did a lot of great things for some books and for others the heroes I have loved were not as interesting as they once were. I am anxious to see what happens in the future so I guess I will keep going with this series. Who knows maybe the next volume will be amazing.

Sadly I must give this one 2 out of 5 stars and that is where I will leave you. I hate rating a Dick Grayson story so low but I just didn't care for this all that much. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Winner Best Comic Book Blog 2015!!!

I'm excited!!!!!

I haven't been blogging for all that long just a few years and in 2015 someone nominated my blog as the Best Comics/Graphic Novel blog of the year. I am proud to announce that along with my good Friend Angie at Angela's Anxious Life, we are the two winners for this category. 

I want to thank all of you who voted for me and helped get me some recognition for my little blog that is more just for my enjoyment. I'm so glad I was able to get some people who enjoy my blog enough to vote. I'm really honored to have been nominated. I hope to only continue to improve my blog over the future years. 

Thanks again to everyone who voted and I just want to say I am very proud of my little blog.