Batman/Superman Vol 2: Game Over by Greg Pak


I was fortunate enough to be granted a review copy of this from DC Comics through Netgalley. I have enjoyed this series and wished it was a little better at the same time. The thing I really like about this series is the back and forth between Batman and Superman, but not the dialog but the internal thoughts of these characters. Batman will think something like Clark is a Boy Scout, and then the next text box is Superman thinking something like "I'm sure Bruce thinks I'm a Boy Scout". This non verbal back and forth shows just how close the friendship between these characters is. 

The one thing I am not a big fan of is the cross over between our universe and the Earth 2 universe. I get confused as to which Batman I'm reading about, the younger one who has little experience or the older one that has this family and is not what Batman is about at all. The story in this was pretty interesting. It starts out with Mogul and his son which run through the whole book. The first part of this has a video game designer with some special technology creates a game that can control Batman like he is an action figure. Later in the book we get a pretty cool battle royal on another planet. 

I liked the story and it has its moments where it falls a little flat. Overall it is a pretty good story. The artwork is also really good in this book. At the very beginning there is this great page that is half Batman and half Superman but it is split right down the middle Making the two one character. 

This is my favorite panel of the whole book. If I could cut out all of the text bubbles and boxes I would blow this up and frame it for my future office. It would look great behind my desk on the wall of my dream writing office. To brag about the art work in this just a little more do you remember my mentioning a Battle Royal. This is one of the covers in that section of this book. 

I did enjoy this book and look forward to vol 3 when ever it is released. These have been great books so far and I love the combination of two of my favorite superheroes. Batman is of course my favorite but I have like Superman for a long time also. I actually really wondering where this story is going to take us in future books after finishing this one.

I am going to give this 4 out of 5 stars. This kept my attention and I looked forward to picking it up again every time I had to put it down. As always I am grateful for the opportunity to review this book from DC Comics. I may not get picked to review there books as often as I would like but when I do they usually are the best titles that will be coming out. 


  1. I feel behind with my netgalley/edelweiss requests for a while there, so I am a little behind. I did request this one at the library so hopefully I will get it soon. HOLY CRAP that is an excellent piece of art. I love love love this artist so much.

  2. I agree there is some really well done panels in this book and I'm anxious to see what you think once you read it. I keep up with my ARC requests from DC. I try to stay current so they will approve me more often.


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