Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly


When it comes to a choice between Connelly’s series I will always go with Harry Bosch. I love the character and the investigation is really what I enjoy about those books. I like Mickey Haller but he can at times be a real sleaze ball. I’m sure this is very true to how some defense lawyers might act, but I hope it isn’t the way all of them act. Even though the stories in the Haller series are pretty good I sometimes just don’t like Haller all that much. The previous Mickey Haller book, The Fifth Witness, brought some redeeming qualities to the character. I was really excited to see him give up defense and run for District Attorney. He was turning his life around and building a relationship with his daughter and ex-wife, it looked like it was going to be a happy ending.
Well this book starts out really rough for Haller. He lost the election for District Attorney because of a scandal, his daughter wants nothing to do with him and just as he was patching things up with his Ex-wife she stops speaking to him. I really felt for the guy; fictional or not sometimes you can connect with a well written character. Now Haller did use some sleazy tactics in the opening case of this, I wanted something good to happen for him. With all of this going on Haller gets a text requesting he call into his office urgently there is a client being charged with murder. It turns out the victim is the one who recommended him to Haller.
Haller really believes his client is innocent and there is a lot more to the story so he begins his own investigation to uncover the truth. I was really impressed with how well everything pieced together in the end. Connelly did a great job creating memorable characters while bringing back an old client that as a reader I had hoped wouldn’t be back. In a good way though, the character left in an earlier book with hopes of a better life. That’s all I will say on that. I was hooked from the very beginning and finished this in two days. I have already met my hours to read for the Adult Summer book program and this filled most of it. This story was fasted paced from the very beginning and didn’t let up. Connelly really showed his mastery of suspense and I really liked this book.
Connelly has continued to surprise me and he hasn’t let me down yet. I have been trying to catch up on all of his books that I have missed before The Burning Room comes out in November. Now I am really bummed that I am out of his books to read. If I didn’t have a mounting to-read pile I would go back and re-read his earlier books so I could review them here for my blog because they are all good. If you love suspense and mystery pick up one of Connelly’s books. He is one of my favorite authors right behind Jeffery Deaver and Stephen King. I proudly give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I loved this book and I’m suffering a book hangover now that I have finished.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Walking Dead Vol 10: What We Become by Robert Kirkman


This is another character development story. We meet some new characters in the last book and this one gives us more depth to who they are and where they came from. On top of that, we have more development of our main characters that we have followed along the way. Not a bad book but the plot seemed to get a little thin here. It was kind of a let’s see how much crazy we can cram into a book. Not as much as the books with the Governor but still some big heaping spoonful’s of crazy in this one.
I like crazy but I wanted a little more to have happened in this book. We really get a rehash of some of the events between two characters. The kids of this book are kind of a developmental focus. These lesser characters get to shine a little in this issue. What I really liked about this was just how much of it was used in the show. I know I have said it before but I really love finding the similarities.
We do get to revisit Rick’s neighborhood but no trip down memory lane. This book really puts you into a “what would I do in that situation” mood. What would you do to protect your child or the one you cared about? I would say this book kind of treads right down the middle when it comes to rating this.  I really liked the scenes that the show pulled right from the book, but I kept wanting more to happen, or the pace to move a little faster. What I did like was some of the revelations about different characters that I can’t speak of without ruining something. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan


If I wasn’t hooked after the first book I definitely am now. With most of the character set up behind us in book one there was a lot more room for story and action. I couldn’t stop reading. When Percy returns to Camp Half Blood he finds that someone has poisoned the sacred tree that holds the protection barrier around the camp.  The only way to save the tree and the camp is to find the Golden Fleece. Percy is not the one chosen to be sent on this quest from camp, but that doesn’t stop him from sneaking off to try and find it on his own with Tyson and Annabel in tow.
There is some great stuff in this book. There are so many great scenes I could ramble on quite a bit. The story seemed pretty fast paced for the most part. There was a little section in the middle of the book that seemed to drag a bit. I really enjoyed the little side story with Grover. He is a Satyr that is on his own quest to find Pan, the head of the Satyrs I think. I’m not too sure about that. It is possible I missed something. Grover has been taken prisoner by a giant angry cyclops. There are a few more characters that we get to meet and learn a little about, but it didn’t take focus off the main plot. Tyson is my favorite of the new characters. Being a cyclops he is treated as a lesser being by most of the people in this book. Percy of course shows him kindness and at times suffers for it.
I do see several similarities between this series and Harry Potter but it doesn’t really bother me. This series is different enough that it doesn’t seem like a direct copy of an idea. The fact alone that Percy goes home for the school year and returns to Camp Half Blood in the summer is very similar to HP, but Potter goes home in the summer and returns for the school year.
The two books I have read were really pretty good. I can’t wait to continue on to the next ones. I will give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. For the purpose of Goodreads and Amazon I will round down to 4. There was that slow spot in the middle that keeps me from giving this highest marks, but it does come close.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Walking Dead Vol 9: Here We Remain by Robert Kirkman


I don’t know what to say about this book. I liked it, but it was more of an in between story and the next chapter to me. Each book so far has continued the story very well, but this one allowed the characters and the reader to take a breath. In the last book all hell broke loose and the group has been split up and running from the prison that they were safely living in. Most of this story focuses around Rick and Carl. They are struggling with horrible loss and the fact that they are alone and Rick is injured.
The show took a lot of scenes straight from these pages, but the course of events took several episodes. I kind of liked the episodes more than this. The show took us through the events of many different characters as they searched for each other and a safe place to crash. It was fun to see things tie together in the show so I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t more of that in this book.
The story moved pretty quickly even with little action happening. This was also another issue that didn’t need much dialogue to keep the story interesting. The dialogue that is in there was impressive at times. Carl had some of the best parts in this and I liked seeing him grow up a little more.
This wasn’t my favorite of the series mainly because I liked how this was done in the show better. I was kind of looking forward to this book even though it is a little slower to see how Kirkman originally wrote it. This is one I wish I would have read before I saw the show, oh well, nothing I can do about it now. I’m on now to book 10. It wasn’t all bad but not my favorite, I give this 3 out of 5 stars.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Break no Bones by Kathy Reichs


As much as it pains me to say this; I’m officially finished reading Kathy Reichs. I was a big fan of these books since almost the beginning, but I took some time off reading them and explored what else is out there. I have given this a lot of thought and I think I have figured out why I have grown out of these books. In the last few years I have gone from reading only 3 authors to reading a ton of authors. There are plenty of women authors with female characters that are stronger and more interesting than Temperance Brennan. Don't get me wrong, I have liked Brennan for many years but I have found that Rizzoli and Isles from Tess Gerritsen, and Sara Linton from Karin Slaughter are more interesting characters. These books have also inspired the hit show Bones which is really interesting, well written and fast paced. I think because The show's episodes are an hour with commercials and I think that’s what makes it work. These stories would work better in a shorter format. I hate to say it, and I don't very often, but the show has surpassed these books for me.

I have thought about this review for a few days and there really wasn’t anything I liked about this book. This is the third book in a row by Kathy Reichs that I have read that has been less than impressive. There was so much rambling though out the book that didn't have any purpose. Had this been edited out the story would have moved much smoother. It also irritated me that we meet a character for the first time whom is supposedly a longtime friend, (where was she in previous books) and she is struggling with health issues. I didn’t feel this was really necessary other than to tie Temperance to the area she was in to work the case. There isn’t any reason she would work a case outside her jurisdiction accept to help out a potentially dying friend.  I’m also really tired of Temperance being the clich├ęd damsel in distress in every one of these books. Let her stand up and smack the attacker in the face with a skull and tie him to a chair while she waits for the police. I don’t know a single woman these days that would fit into the damsel in distress category.

The last thing that I am really tired of in these books is the love triangle. She is always on again off again with Detective Andrew Ryan, but now we get not only Ryan, but her Ex-husband Pete in one book. If that wasn’t awkward enough, all three characters are all living in the same beach house and Pete seems to be trying to win back Temperance. Are you kidding me, this was just overkill and I could have done without both characters. Get rid of Pete and Andrew as well has her constant complaining about life with and without him and this might have been a better story. After all of that the main plot didn’t really matter, it was forgettable and had very little entertainment value. I used to love these books and would recommend Kathy Reichs to everyone I knew who read. Now I am ripping this book apart and trying to not be too harsh.

This kind of feels like when you grow apart from a friend from your childhood; you remember the good times and wish them well but part ways. Kathy Reichs is a great writer but I have just out grown her style. This book was really predictable and disappointing. Reichs still knows how to set scenes well and she is great at the descriptive stuff like describing background and what leads up to a find. She just got a little too descriptive in this book and it was dry. I have read 2 of the 4 YA series she has written and 12 of the 16 Temperance Brennan books, this one was the last one I will read. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars.   

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


Why did I have to try a new series? My wife and a few of my friends have done nothing but rave about how amazing these books are. I saw the first movie and was only mildly interested back then. I needed a new audio book to listen to at work and the books I really wanted to get to next are still on reserve at the library. I figured I would finally give this series a try. What was I thinking?
 I loved this book, and wish I had waited a little longer so I could finish the Last Apprentice series first. Now I have two series, YA even, that I can’t wait to read the next book. It is so hard trying to decide which to read next once I have finished one. I’m only one book in and I am hooked. I also want to re-watch the movie so I can see if I enjoy it more. I know more about the story having read the book and I always like playing spot the differences when I watch a movie based on a book.   
 Since grade school I have always enjoyed learning about Greek and Roman Mythology. I love the stories of the different Gods and how petty they are. It almost made it seem like us mortals had our heads on straight and the Gods, who are supposed to be the ones we look to, had their heads up a certain body part. I always thought these were fun stories so it really wasn't a big surprise that I liked this. Let me put this in writing so everyone knows I actually said it; My wife was right. She said I would like these books and I did. I can't wait to see what happens next.
What I liked about this story is that it focused on the half-blood children of the gods. These children should never have been born but the gods have some control issues. Gods decided that they would not have children with mortals, but they did anyway. Now these kids have special traits from their powerful parents. It was interesting reading how Percy stumbles into his abilities with water control since he is the son of Poseidon. I also like how Riordan created different personalities for each of these characters that reflects on the God whom they were born from. I liked that Ares daughter was a big bully and very angry. It seemed very fitting.
Another thing I really like about this book, and I like this about the Last Apprentice series, is the fact the Riordan doesn't write down to a child audience. These read very clearly and it doesn't feel like he is trying to dumb down the story. I'm not a huge fan of YA but there are some I have really enjoyed. Some authors write like they are explaining the story to a 3 year old and that drives me nuts. Give teens some credit, I feel that those teens the read these book are more well-read than those who don't read. These read like they could be books for adults but with teenage characters and I like that.
Time to be critical, there were a few slower moments mainly because Riordan was introducing us to the characters. I also felt that Percy was a little too helpless at times. I enjoyed the surprises he found when his abilities show up out of nowhere, but I think that by the end of the book he wouldn’t be so clueless about all of that still. I really enjoyed this book but my rating will be 4 out of 5 stars. This was a fun read and I am looking forward to book two soon.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Walking Dead Vol 8: Made to Suffer by Robert Kirkman

Here is the warning; if you haven’t read these books there might be some spoilers that might ruin the previous volumes for some. It is so hard to write reviews of these later volumes without letting something slip. I will not allow spoilers for this book so no worries there. After the Governor was sliced and diced by Michonne there was a moment when I thought that was the end of him. I knew there was more to the Governor in the show but since the two are so different at times I wondered if this was the end of him. Well the cover alone should tell you that he is back and he is pissed.
The Governor has rallied the people of Woodbury and he is storming the Prison. With ideas of peaceful surrender being shouted at Rick and everyone in the prison they know there will never be peace with the Governor. Rick begins to form a plan of attack because he knows that one is coming against them. The Governor wants revenge and the prison and he plans to take both by any means necessary.
I really liked this volume but I want to point out a few tiny grievances I have. As odd as this will sound, there wasn’t a lot of reading to this story yet it was wordy. Let me explain; there are several crazy rants from the Governor that could have easily been shortened. My wife told me she skimmed these sections because she already knew the Governor was crazy and homicidal, she didn’t need repeated. I can understand what Robert Kirkman was trying to do, but I think he could have gotten his point across a bit faster. When it comes to the battle it seems that no one from the prison can shoot a gun. I know that for several volumes they have worked at target practice and how to handle a gun.  They have shot walkers who don’t move as fast but it seemed like everyone was picking up a gun for the first time and sometimes got lucky.
What I loved about this book was how well the story was told in the artwork. There is so much of this book that has zero dialog but through the facial expressions of the characters and the detail in each panel you know exactly what is going on. These books may not have the best comic artwork I have seen but I have to applaud how well these panels helped advance this story. Had the rants been a little shorter I would easily give this volume 5 stars. This is one of my favorites in the series, but because even I rolled my eyes during the Governor’s rants I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons by Joseph Delaney

This was an intense story for this series. A lot of emotional themes and some impressive battles made this one of my favorites of the series. Tom’s mother left for her homeland after the passing of his father a few books back. Now she has returned to ask Tom for his help in stopping the oldest and most powerful witch who will bring nothing but destruction in her wake.
Tensions run very high in this book between the Spook and Tom and his mother. The Spook tells Tom that if he goes off to help his mother, he will not be welcomed back as his apprentice. Tom can’t refuse his own mother though so it puts him in a tricky spot. Of course Tom chooses to fight alongside his mother otherwise there wouldn’t be a book. To make things worse for Tom the Fiend is trying to coerce him to join him on the Dark Side. Yes, it does sound like Star Wars with a light and dark side but I looked past that.
I was hooked on the story from the very beginning. The previous book left things unfinished so I picked this up right away. Tom is growing up faster than he should and is faced with some very grown up decisions; how he handles them will determine his future. There was a lot crammed into this book and at times I did get lost since I was listening to this in audio form. I would have to go back a chapter just so I could figure out what they were talking about.
There is so much I would like to say about this book but I fear it would be spoilers so I will wrap this up. I felt that the story didn’t have a slow point and once it got going I had a hard time stopping. To the very end I was anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. I loved this story and really hope the rest in this series live up to this one. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Batman and Robin Vol 4: Requiem for Damian by Peter J Thomasi

This was an emotional book, and that seems a little strange for a Batman title. As odd as this may be; I think it needed to be an emotional story, and we the reader needed to see this softer side of Bruce.  I’m very out of the loop with Batman and Robin and it seems that is follows events in the Batman Incorporated series. I haven’t read either series and stopped reading Batman and Robin before new 52.wasn’t a fan of Batman and Robin mainly because I have never been a fan of Bruce having a biological son. Dick and Tim were his adopted sons and I really liked that since they all had similar pasts, but Damian seemed to be going against the mythos of Batman. I always thought if Bruce was going to have a child he would be married first. I’m old fashioned and it bugs me that he had a son that he didn’t know about for years. On top of that, I never thought Damian was a very likable character. He was very violent and out of control in the beginning. I know this was because of the way he was raised in the League of Assassins, but I saw Damian as another Jason Todd. I have followed a good bit of the Batman series accept for this one so I was a little surprised when I found out that Damian was killed.
I honestly had mixed emotions when I heard that Damian had been killed. I worried that this was going to be terrible because DC has done this story before. Death in the Family was one of the best story lines I have read and that was a long long time ago when Robin number 2 (Jason Todd) was killed. It is still to this day a story that sticks with me and I re-read from time to time. I was afraid to see what would happen to the Bat Family with tensions already running high due to the recent run in with the Joker. At the same time I was kind of glad that Damian was gone. As callous as that sounds I had hopes that Robin number 3 (Tim Drake) who is now known as Red Robin would be back in the Batman stories more. I didn’t know what to expect from this book when I started.
I loved this story line!!! The art work was fantastic. There is very little dialog in the beginning of this and it worked. Most of the opening of the book relies on the artwork to tell the story and there are some powerful and emotional pictures that really made me see the despair Bruce was feeling. This book is all about what a parent would go through if they lost a child. Pain, revenge, rage, and a constant wondering of what could have been done differently are the themes in this story. Bruce is obsessed with trying to figure out what he could have done differently so that Damian would still be alive. He becomes violent to a point where his other Bat Family members worry about him crossing the line.

We get some appearances from other characters like Nightwing and Batgirl in this book and I always enjoy these little crossovers. Because of the rage and depression overcoming Bruce he doesn’t realize that he is missing the fact that he isn’t suffering alone. This was an excellent story and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read this. I was approved for the ARC copy of this by the publisher through Edelweiss.
I loved everything about this book and it is definitely going to be one that stays with me. There might even be a possible Robin replacement in this book. A certain character looks a lot like the Robin in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. We’ll have to see if this series continues and who fills those tights. This is absolutely worth of 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this to any comic book fan, Batman fan, or fan of great artwork.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Proud to read what I WANT!!!!

Warning, Opinions Ahead!!!
I’m not one to rant and rave about things that upset me, especially on my blog. My poor wife on the other hand has to suffer the barage of frustrations I have just so I can vent. I'm a strong believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s cool even if it doesn’t mesh with what I think. For someone to feel comfortable putting themselves out there no matter what the response is a brave thing.
I was catching up on posts at my friend’s blog and came across her post Read What You Want. I was shocked to see she had written about another post that says we as adults should be ashamed if we read YA titles. The sub title of the article in question actually reads “Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” Here is the link to the post so you can read it for yourself. At first I didn’t want to link to it because we are just allowing the author to gain popularity, but I want you all to know why I’m upset.
I’m not a huge fan of YA and I can pick a book apart if I didn’t like it; but I have read several YA series that I really enjoyed. As anyone who follows my blog would know, I’m an avid comic book reader. I’m 30 and will be 31 in August, does this mean that since comics can be for a younger audience I should be ashamed to read this? Absolutely not! The first books I read on my own as a child where comic books. No matter what horrible things were happening to my life like the endless bullies who picked on me, or my parent’s divorce, Batman was there. Reading comics was an escape for me. It took me out of whatever was upsetting me and made me happy. I still use comics as an escape sometimes as an adult. Work and finances can be stressful and it is nice to turn my brain off for a little bit and just enjoy a good comic book.
I believe that people should read whatever makes them happy, but when someone tells me that I should be ashamed of what I choose to read because it was intended for children I get mad. I hate being told how I should feel. This really hit me hard and I got very very angry when I read this. Let me ask you this, I read Curious George to my kids and I love them. I loved reading the Monkey Me books to my son as well. Should I be ashamed that I liked them even though my main reason to read them was for my son? Should I just read children’s books as a monotone robot because I’m an adult and those books are beneath me? I like the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney. I got excited when I found one we hadn’t read at the library. I enjoy these just as much, if not more than my son.
Read what you want people, as long as you are happy reading it doesn’t matter what it is. I’m not a huge fan of YA but still felt I should defend it because of how angry that post made me. I think of YA not as an age group, but as a genre like Mystery and Romance. I can’t stand romance novels but I would never ever tell someone they should be ashamed of reading that smut (extreme example, I’m not calling it smut). I would ask if they like it and what it’s about, because I love talking books. We are all different in our tastes and that is what makes the blogging community so great. I get it, this person doesn’t like YA, fine, just don’t tell me I should be ashamed because I really like the Last Apprentice series, or The Hunger Games.
That’s it, I’m off my soap box and feel better having said my piece. If I have kept you this long please feel free to comment and get some discussion going. Good or bad I can take it and would love the feedback. I’m being brave and putting myself out there because I believe as long as you are reading and happy, that is all that matters.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye by Joseph Delaney

Tom is in Great danger, in every book he seems to be in some sort of danger but in this one it is the focus of the plot. The Fiend is still loose and the Spook is worried that he will come to kill Tom. Fearing for his safety he sends Tom off to train with another Bill Arkwright another Spook. This other Spook is tougher with methods that might not seem appropriate and sometimes cruel. He has been known to toughen up apprentices and right now Tom is going to need all of the help he can get.
Little does John Gregory (Tom’s Spook) know that something evil awaits Tom when he arrives at Bill Arkwright’s home. Joseph Delaney introduces us to yet another form of witch in this book and I really liked this one.  The water witch is creepy and really evil; they hide deep in the dark depth of lakes and marshes. When someone gets close to the edge they will grab you and pull you under. Drowning is one of my biggest fears and this made the whole idea really creepy for me. Not being able to see what lies beneath the water waiting to grab you and pull you to your death gave me chills. This is were Tom is sent to protect him from the Fiend, whom we meet in the last book, but being on the edge of marsh land Tom is being sent to the very home of the Fiend’s daughter.
This book is very dark and that’s even compared to the others. They may be YA books but they read like some of the adult novels I have read in the past. Delaney really puts detail into his stories and that is clearly evident here. Like the other books this was a fun quick read and I am really enjoying the series. This book does do something that Delaney hasn’t done in previous and that is end with a bit of a cliffhanger. I couldn’t wait to get the next book and find out what was going to happen after the way this ended. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, because there were a few slower parts where my mind tended to wander away from the story. I haven’t really run into this much which is why I just can’t give this 5 stars. Overall I did enjoy this installment in the Last Apprentice series and will continue with these books.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Walking Dead Vol 7: The Calm Before by Robert Kirkman

I have been waiting for this volume since the beginning.  Being a fan of the show, I knew that Lori was going to get pregnant and have her baby. This volume was a key example that the show has become its own entity. What I was expecting to happen because of what I had seen was completely wrong. I loved that I am surprised when I read these books and that the show hasn’t ruined these for me. There are some scenes that are in the show that are pulled right from the artwork of these comics, but for the most part they are now two different stories.
As always we get to learn more about our group of characters as if we were in the prison with them. These volumes are really just chapters of a larger story. We get to follow the daily routeins of each character as well as see that tempers can still run high even with the threat of zombies outside the gates. The story was very well written and I couldn’t stop reading. The cover alone had me anxious to find out what happens. No one was really ready for a baby to be born in this post-apocalyptic world. Will Lori survive giving birth and what about the baby? When my kids were born there was a barrage of machines and nurses rushing about to make sure they were healthy and strong even before I got to hold them. In this prison there wasn’t any of that; which as a nervous parent created suspense alone? I know women have been having babies for centuries without the technology we have today, but I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like in the situation Lori and Rick are in.
I don’t want to give anything away so I think I will leave this review short. What you should know about this book is that it was good. For any fan of the show this is one you have to read. I enjoyed this one and it ends with a cliffhanger, I rushed to read the next book so I could continue the story. There were a few slow areas that really don’t take away from the story but it was enough to keep me from giving this a 5 out of 5. I just wasn’t as wowed as I had hoped. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars and suggest that any fans of the show pick this up and read it at some point. There are things that will be confusing if you haven’t read the previous books but for the most part anyone who watches the show will be able to follow along.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs

In the past I have loved Kathy Reichs’s books and I am still a big fan of the show based on her books Bones. My Undergrad degree is Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensic Science; with all of that why is it I just didn’t care for this book. This is now two of her books in a row that I was less than thrilled with. I’m starting to worry that I have grown out of Kathy Reichs. I keep wondering if these books have always been this way and when I started reading them I didn’t have a lot to compare them to. Have my tastes just changed? Has this ever happened to you? I would love to hear from you in the comments just so I know I’m not alone on this.
So the plot of the story is there is a suspicious fire and Brennan is asked to look into some charred remains putting her vacation on hold. While stuck working she decides to step away and meet her daughter’s friends. While at a Bar BQ with them her dog finds bones. Not just animal bones but human mixed in. Is this poaching that went wrong, or did a bear snack on a picnicker only to choke on a bone and die. I’ll let you read and figure that out if you would like.
The more I think about this plot I keep picking at it. Why do these books have so many different victims/cases mashed into one book? There have been times while I am reading that I have no idea which bones she is referring to belong to what case or victim. It can be frustrating. It’s almost like trying to keep straight the characters of Game of Thrones without a character list handy. I also have started to hate the whole romance (or lack thereof) angle in these books.  I remember when I first started reading these books cheering for Brennan and Detective Ryan. Now I am just irritated with the juvenile “I love him”, “I hate him”, “I love him again”. It doesn’t really advance the story in my opinion.
I think I am going to keep this short; I’m really indifferent on this book. I didn’t care for it but I didn’t hate it. I will try to go mid road here and give this 3 out of 5 stars. I feel it really is more of a 2.5 star read but I’m going to round up this time. I have a few more to read and if the next one is about the same I might end my run there.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Grimm Fairy Tales: OZ by Joe Brusha

I have really enjoyed the Grimm Fairy Tales comics that I have read. Sleepy Hollow was my favorite and I have not found one of these to top that yet. Whenever I browse through Netgalley I always get excited to see a new one of these pop up. I like The Wizard of Oz, but I am not in love with the movie or story like a lot of people I know. Still, I was curious to see what Zenescope's take would be on this classic tale.
I was impressed with how well the story grabbed my attention. The main plot is the same as what you would expect, Dorothy has to stop the wicked witch to save the land of Oz, but it was the character twists that I really enjoyed in this story. Dorothy was pretty much the same type of character except that she has wizard like magic that she doesn’t even know she has. We kind of get to learn bits and pieces about this as she does but I really wish more of that was explained. The Scarcrow is not your farm field decoration come to life. This character is that way because he is being punished for something he did, what he did I can't remember as I write this. Like in medieval times when they would lock someone in the stockade to be publicly humiliated and tormented, those who don’t follow the rules are punished with becoming Scarecrows.
The other characters were intriguing and I liked how they were handled. Our cowardly Lion is not as cowardly as I had expected. He is a great warrior who is determined to put an end to the Wicked Witch even if he has to do it alone and perish in the process. This sounds like the exact opposite of the Cowardly Lion, but about halfway through the book we get a glimpse into his past and Joe Brusha did a great job at showing why he is cowardly. I won’t spoil anything for you in case you want to give it a read yourself. The Tin Man was not as impressive as I had hoped. I was kind of hoping for a Terminator type half man half machine character since Zenescope tends to take these classic characters to extremes. Instead they made a more butch version of the original tin man, but this one has more to him than you might think.
I thought this was a pretty good story, and I am glad I read it. If they continue this series I will have to wait and see where the plot is going. This kind of felt like a one hit wonder; I liked it but now that I have finished I don’t think I will revisit Oz. I will give this 3.5 out of 5 stars. Of course I will round this up to 4 for Goodreads and Amazon, but I stand by my 3.5.