Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race by Frank Miller

Batman The Dark Knight

I am a rare breed. I am one of the very few, if not only, person who read Fran Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and hated it. I didn't like it so much I never read the follow up book The Dark Knight Strikes again. So you might be asking why on earth am I reviewing this book? I got caught up in the hype. I follow DC Comics on twitter, and I keep up with the DC Comics All Access app and every article and snippet of art wasn't missed when I was nerding out. Now I have been very fortunate to have been approved for books from DC Comics and Netgalley in the past, but I never expect to get anything I request. This was one book that I would have been fine if I got turned down but was still interested enough to want to read this. 

Thank you DC Comics for the opportunity to read this book for a review. When I first opened the digital file and saw it was over 300 pages my first thought was what did I get myself into? Now that I have gotten my negativity out of my system you will see there is a reason for it. I couldn't believe how fast I flew through this book. I sat down one evening with my wife and I started this book and finished it in no time. Once I started I couldn't tear myself from this book. I loved every page of this and I was so shocked at how much I was enjoying this. 

So this books is set will in the future. Batman has been missing and Superman has hidden himself away in his fortress. Not getting into specifics but The Bottle City of Kandor get released and the Kryptonians are made full size. They want our planet as their own. This story line has a very similar story line to the movie Man of Steel where Zod and the Kryptonians tried to turn Earth into New Krypton. Another similarity to the movies is we get to see Batman in the armored Bat-suit again. Again, I'm not going to give it away as to why, but Batman isn't the only one donning armor this time. Superman gets an upgrade too. 

I was so impressed with this story and I might even wait for a deluxe slip cover edition and add this to my collection. I will admit that that I'm not a huge fan of the art work in these books but I can understand that it fits the gritty writing style. All of my little peeves and such I liked this book. I never could believe that I am about to type this next sentence, but I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wonder Woman Vol 3: The Truth by Greg Rucka

The Truth

I have been a fan of Wonder Woman for a long time. I'm one of those guys who has no issue with a strong female character. I love that Wonder Woman is getting the respect she deserves and the movie was fantastic. I'm the very proud father of a little girl and I'm so happy that she and my son take after their dad and love superheroes. My daughter always pretends to be Batman, or the Flash and never Wonder Woman. I want my daughter to be proud to be a girl and know that women can be strong too. 

The writing on this series has been really good. The stories have been really well developed and have worked as a year one story re defining Wonder Woman. I wish there was a little more action. As of the last volume Diana has lost her mind. She has realized that she has been lied to and lost who she is. Now Steve Trevor and his team have to try and get to Diana before this secret criminal organization gets to her. 

On the Paradise Island side something is changing and it is linked to Diana's well being. A sacred tree is dying and the Amazons are reading for battle in case something comes through that tree. We spend most of our time with Steve Trevor and less with Wonder Woman. But one of my favorite pages in this book is the different versions of Wonder Woman. Trevor will have to act fast to help Diana find herself. He will even have to look for help in an odd place. We actually have an appearance of Minotaur.

I really enjoyed this story but I would say the art work wasn't as good as previous books. The pages seemed to have a lack of detail in the background that was there previously. The characters were perfect as always. I enjoyed this book and look froward to continuing the series. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for allowing me to read this for a review.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Grenn Lantern Corps Vol 3:Quest for Hope by RobertVenditti

Quest for Hope

I have been a fan of Green Lantern for a long time. I remember reading Kyle Rayner's stories and I remember Hal Jordan's Rebirth, so this book has all of my favorite Lanterns in it. This book marks some big changes in the world of the Corps. To be honest I missed Volume 2 for some reason. I thought I had read it and jumped at the chance to read this book. Thanks to Net Galley and DC Comics for letting me read this for a review. 

Volume 2 apparently had another war with Sinestro which was won by the Green Lanterns. Leading the way Lantern John Stewart is head of the Green Lantern Corps and he gave the Sinestro Corps an ultimatum. Join the Green Lanterns and fight along side them or be arrested. While trying to play nice and build a bigger more unified Corps Kyle is tasked with finding the only Blue Lantern left. Hope is needed in the universe and the Guardians of the Universe are looking to find Saint Walker and try to help him grow Hope. 

As you can see from the Cover our Front and center Lantern, Kyle Rayner, is no longer sporting the White Lantern uniform. While trying to help Saint Walker something happened that drained  Kyle of all the different emotional spectrum except Will. Lots of big changes in one volume that had my head spinning. The rest of the story involves a villain from the future and an appearance of Rip Hunter the time master. 

I loved this book. I read this in one sitting and the ending had such a twist that I cannot wait for volume 4. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Superman Vol 3: Multiplicity by Peter J Tomasi

A big thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for letting me read this for a review. I have been a big fan of the Superman since Rebirth. I was very happy to continue on this series. The last two books were really good and the mystery around My Superman in this new Earth world has been one that has kept my attention.

This book starts out with this exact topic. Things around Clark are starting to change. The river (or creek, I don't remember) has run dry and Clark has no idea what happened. Until a guest star grows out of the ground. Swamp Thing has shown up to explain that the frequency around the Superman I know doesn't match with the frequency of this Earth and it is causing nature to pull away. Superman needs to leave or submit to Swamp Thing in order to put the natural order of Nature back to normal. The first issue or two of this was a lot of fun to read and I always like with Swamp Thing shows up in an issue of one of my favorite heroes.

Once the story with Swamp thing has passed we finally get to the reason for the title of this volume. A "for lack of a better term" collection of Supermen have come to this world chasing a threat. That villain is hunting Supermen to even the scales and our Superman will have to team up with all these other worlds' Supermen to save the earth and the rest of the Supermen.

I have really enjoyed the Superman books during Rebirth. This was an interesting read and really held my attention. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Dark Tower (2017)

I have been waiting for this for so long. This movie was teased over and over again with new directors and new actors until it was finally made. I loved the books and it is one of my favorite epic series of all time. You can imagine my apprehension to finally see something I have been building up in my mind for so so long. My wife and I actually saw this movie on August 18th but I have been toiling over this since.

If you haven't read the Dark Tower series and would like to then I would stop reading my review. I will be sad to see you go but it is for your own good. Last chance, turn back now.

When the movie first started leaking tid bits about casting and plot I was getting really worried about the direction this was taking. Then I found a tweet from Stephen King that showed the Horn of Eld. The rumor mills started ramping up until we found out that this is a continuation of the series and not a visual representation. At the end of the Dark Tower Roland finds out that he has been running this quest over and over. He makes it to the top of the tower and then starts it all over again chasing across the desert after the Man in Black. This time, however, something is different. Roland has the Horn of Eld which he didn't have before. This change easily explains the differences of the movie to the book and I was ok with this direction.

The movie is a little on the slow side so here is your warning. Having said that I completely understand why this is a little slow. This is potentially setting up more to come and getting us to know the new versions of the characters. The action that is in this movie is really good and so much fun to watch. I also really liked Idris Elba who was better in this role than I expected. He is one of my favorite actors but I just didn't see him as the Clint Eastwood esque Gunslinger I have always pictured. One of the other differences is that the movie focuses more on Jake then the Gunslinger which I can see will upset a lot of die hard fans. I consider myself one but since I am a huge fan of DC comics, the idea of a multiverse is something I am comfortable with. I looked at this like the Flashpoint story in the DC Comics.

In true King fashion this movie has so many easter eggs and and references to other King books throughout the movie which is awesome. I loved spotting the different references and the little things in the movie that only those who read the books would get. There are these rodent creature things in the movie that were human skins and these are straight out of the book.

I have thought and though about this for awhile as to exactly how I was going to rate this movie. It was a little slower than I liked, but I enjoyed the plot. The acting and characters were impressive and a joy to watch in these roles. I also got a kick out of finding the hidden references. I liked this movie. I was expecting bigger but it was enjoyable and I can't wait to watch this again when it comes to digital. 4 out of 5 stars for this movie. Next on my movie calendar is IT. I can't wait to never sleep again.   

Friday, August 25, 2017

Green Arrow vol 3: Emerald Outlaw by Benjamin Percy

Let's just say that during New 52 I was less than impressed with the Green Arrow books. The character was nothing like what I remembered. I wanted the Emerald archer from the year one books and the wedding album where he gets married to Black Canary. That guy was lost in New 52. Rebirth changed all that and brought back the hero I had been missing. 

 A big thank you to DC Comics and Netgalley for allowing me to read this for a review. I have really enjoyed this series and can believe all the things DC has done to Oliver Queen. First they took away everything of substance and meaning from Oliver. Next the writers did something I never thought I would see in the pages of a Green Arrow comic. They killed Oliver Queen!!! Of course if you are reading this I am going to assume you have read the previous book or don't care to. Oliver really isn't dead but the villains and the city think he is. 

So what's left after taking everything and killing a character? Since Oliver is thought to be dead all that is left is the Green Arrow. Now the writers have made the Green Arrow the most wanted man in Seattle. Someone is out there killing people and making it look like the Green Arrow is the cause of it to ruin the image of hope the city has for it's Emerald Protector. 

I loved this story. There is something about watching everything go wrong for Oliver and seeing exactly how he gets out of each situation that is so much fun. I really like how this series ties to the show in a sense that we get some of the same characters. I read Green Arrow before New 52 and don't remember Diggle or some of the other characters that pop up in this book so I enjoy the little crossovers. 

This was an action pack ride from the very beginning to the end. We get some closure to the overall story that has been going on in the last 2 volumes but this still very nicely sets up the next volume and what I would guess, is going to be another big story arc. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Flash vol 3:Rouges Reloaded by Joshua Williamson

I am very grateful to DC Comics and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book. I have been very fortunate to be able to read these great books in Rebirth for reviews and this was the Flash book I was waiting for. 

Since Rebirth started there has been a lack of classic Flash Rouges and we had no idea what happened to them Were they laying low until the city calmed. Central city had been plagued by a speed force storm and a slew of random speedsters. A new villain named Goodspeed putting the city in a state of terror, then there were random lackeys that tried to live up to the legacy of the Rouges. This book is the triumphant return of our favorite villains/anti-heroes.

The Rouges have been keeping a low profile and planning the theft that will finally beat the Flash. Starting with a trip out of the country to steal something outside of Central City hoping the Flash wouldn't figure it out. This is only the first step of their master plan that leads to some pretty clever plotting my Captain Cold and the others. I won't give everything away because the goal of course is for you to read it yourself. 
The story was really well done and I couldn't put this down once I got going. My only mild isssue was the art work in this book wasn't as good as previous. I'm not sure why but since I read digital editions I like to use my favorite screen shots to point out parts that I feel are important. This book didn't really have a scene that stood out. I did like the variant cover gallery at the end though and I did feel like including one of my favorite classic style covers.

After reading this book and having time to think about this I really am enjoying this series and this book has me excited to see where the Rouges go from here. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.